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Home workout + Nutrition

Home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts with the right instructions and nutrition. This is your home booty building guide that gets straight to the point and gives you instructions and important nutrition tips on the way.

Nutrition appears to be such a complicated task these days. With all the, eat this, don’t eat that “tricks”. Drink 3 bottles of water before a meal so you’re not hungry. No wonder we all struggle with deciding what to eat.

I share the key fundamentals so you don’t have to sweat the little stuff. The scientific facts that have been around for ages and will continue to work for ages.
What you will get from this book:
– A curvier, lifted, thicker booty
– Instructional images how each workout is performed
– Much more energy
– Tips and tricks on how to challenge and see results sooner
– Better overall health
– weightlifting to gain the booty without worrying about “bulkiness” for woman
And much more!

Not only will you grow and shape your booty, you will improve your energy levels and overall health! You will get stronger and lose any excess fat as well as shaping your booty. You will tone other areas of the body and get stronger as a result of these exercises and nutrition plan. Its time to start your routine to a more curvier figure. Look better and feel better!


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